choose to fight as china, japan or other countries as they fight for the world
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 Hazel The Girl

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PostSubject: Hazel The Girl   Hazel The Girl Icon_minitimeMon Mar 24, 2008 10:37 am

Name:Terra Bull

Nickname: Terrible

Age: 21

Hair Colour: White

Eye Colour: Blood

Weapon: 52 Calliber Rifle
Secondary weapon: 32 Caliber Rifle
Grenades: Um, small ones (i don't know anything about grenades but, Hazel does.)

History: Age: 7. I ran my middle finger through my coarse crew-cut hair. Mom, and Dad wanted me to go to the army. They made me look like a boy,so they'd never have to see me again. They were always complainin, "Huh...if only She was a boy..." they always wanted a boy, but they got stuck with me. They on purpose named me Terra, cuz our last name is Bull. Terra Bull. Ha.ha.
The next day, i got my first gun. A Mac 11. I named it Leto. We had to practice shooting, but we didn't use sacks, we used the people who disobeyed, or don't follow dircetions. I had to shoot my friend Lars. I didn't want to. The General came from behind and said, "Vi Don Ju Soot heim?" I looked and shrugged, he kept on looking at me until i would do it. I raised the gun to Lars, then turned around and shot the General right between the eyes. BAM! he fell to the floor, with a squeak. I got shiped to Germany, to work as a waterboy. Why can't i be a boy, i thought, I would probably like this, being in the war stuff. But then i thought You'd have to be mental to actually WANT to be here......

Looks Like: Long White hair, like the wind. Wears, shorts long boots, and V neck short sleeves
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Hazel The Girl
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