choose to fight as china, japan or other countries as they fight for the world
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PostSubject: zane   zane Icon_minitimeSun Mar 23, 2008 7:24 pm

name: (zane)

height: (6'1)

country: (highets bidder)

main weapon: (scoped M4A1 assualt rifle with ajustable stock and silencer)
secondary: (dessert eagle)
grenades: (m67 frags, flash bangs, smokes, and stuns)

(zane at the age of 19 joine the military straight out of highschool in the five years he was there he worked his way up to captain then he dropped out of the army and became a spy for the c.i.a. then after a missoin gone bad and 2 of his partners were killed he aborted missoin and join a group of assasins 1 year before the ops war's the assasins are really a group of merc's but they don like to be called that)
(tall, buff, brown eyes, and short black hair)
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