choose to fight as china, japan or other countries as they fight for the world
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 hawk eyes

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PostSubject: hawk eyes   hawk eyes Icon_minitimeSun Mar 23, 2008 11:50 pm

name: chineko eys

height: 4'8

country:highest bidder

main weapon:small knifes that she stashes in her kimono

secondary: a retractable spear with a sniper gun atached to it that she straps on her thigh. she also hides several little wepons in the spear.

history: was once a geshia in japan but was captured by a maniac who tested experiments on her. she now has super speed but can malfunction. then while she escaped, an ameriacan secretly tied her up and stashed her in one of the cargo planes. then she met some martial artists in osaka(a place in japan. she was born there) and studied with them till she was 18. then she studied ancient weponry and became good at making stealth objects. then she became an insider for the c.i.a. while boarding to america. then she quit and became an assassin. she is best known for using her pretty face to charm men and can kill them as quick as you can say 'love'.

desription:short, slim, black hair that reaches to elbow. green eyes.
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hawk eyes
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