choose to fight as china, japan or other countries as they fight for the world
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 Serena (Revenge is My World)

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PostSubject: Serena (Revenge is My World)   Serena (Revenge is My World) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 24, 2008 10:17 am

Name: Serena

Age: 19

Height: 5'9"

Country: USA baby!

Weapon: um...Sniper

Secondary Weapon: Two handguns she keeps in her boots, and a shot gun in its halter strapped around her thigh

Grenades: A multitude of stun grenades, explosive flash grenades, and smoke grenades

Hair: Brown, chin length

Eyes: Brown

Build: Muscular of course, but it's not like I'm a body builder or anything...

History: Since my dad joined the army when I was 11, I always wanted to go and find him there, because we never heard from him again. When my mom and I found out he had been killed by a Japanese troop, I had one goal in mind: revenge. That was when I was sixteen. Of course, mother tried to talk me out of it, but my future was set in stone, especially when I met Jackson, a 20 year old man who was on leave for a few months from the army. We started dating, and I told him of my plans. That was when I was eighteen, and I had just gotten out of highschool. We went shooting almost every day, and I found I had a natural knack for it. Finally, it was time to leave. My mother was crying. She begged me not to go. I told her it was my duty. She told me that I was going to get myself killed out there, that I wasn't ready for such a harsh life.
I gave her a hug goodbye and left.
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Serena (Revenge is My World)
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